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Πέμπτη, 2 Μαΐου 2013

Ari Seth Cohen - Advanced Style

Unlocking the secrets to timeless style, Ari Seth Cohen has been roaming the streets of New York, capturing Advanced Beauty.

Με αφορμή ένα άρθρο που ανέβασε σήμερα το Tlife για τον blogger/φωτογράφο Ari Cohen, είπα να ανεβάσω μερικές από τις υπέροχες stylish γιαγιάδες του Manhattan, που τόσο λατρεύει!

Εμπνευσμένος από την καλύτερη του φίλη, την γιαγιά του, γυρνάει τους δρόμους της Νέας Υόρκης ψάχνοντας για τις υπέροχες fashionistas της πόλης, που ζουν την ζωή στο έπακρο και που η ηλικία γι'αυτες είναι απλά ένας αριθμός!

“'The women who I photograph are confident. They know what they like, they know what suits their bodies, and they’re dressing for themselves. They don’t dress based on trends.'" Ari Seth Cohen, New York Times

Ari Seth Cohen‘s Advanced Style is the result of having spent years being in awe of his grandmother’s unique personal style, who, in turn, spurred his interest in searching for men and women of a similar age that has spent years refining and perfecting their individual look and, more importantly, their vibrant approach to life.

The work that Ari Seth Cohen has been doing has caught the attention of numerous established photographers and even fashion designers, who have approached the brain behind the blog with the desire to use the wonderful women in campaigns etc.

 “My eyes have always been drawn to older people,” said Cohen, 28. “And from a style point of view, I find them more interesting because they are of an age where they don’t have to impress anyone and can wear what they want.” 

The hardest part of showing that true chic does not dim with age? “Trying to explain what a blog is.”

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